• ST788 SE - Long Haul Steer


    The new ST788 SE is Sumitomo's most advanced S-Tech Design steer tire for long haul operations. With the latest design elements, the ST788 SE provides exceptional mileage with advanced compounding properties. For extended service life, the tire features robust shoulder elements to ensure long, even wear and stone ejectors to help promote casing integrity. Exceptional performance and low rolling resistance offer peace of mind and savings for fleets.

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  • ST778+ SE - Steer


    The ST778+ SE is a SMARTWAY Verified long haul steer tire. Incorporating a collection of features, the ST778+ SE delivers superior miles to removal, excellent handling for safe operation and dependable retreadability of the Sumitomo casing.

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  • ST948 SE - Long Haul Drive

    ST948 SE

    The new ST948 SE is Sumitomo's highest mileage and most fuel efficient drive tire. Equipped with the latest advancements in S-Tech Design to maximize original tread life and lower rolling resistance, the ST948 SE is best suited for long distance, coast-to-coast operations. A unique combination of superior compounding and deep tread design give the ST948 SE better fuel efficiency to improve your fleets operating costs.

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  • ST938 - Drive


    The ST938 is a closed shoulder DEEP TREAD drive tire. Incorporating a collection of advanced features, the ST938 delivers remarkable mileage, excellent handling and dependable retreadability you’ve come to expect with Sumitomo casings.

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  • ST710 SE - Trailer


    The SMARTWAY-Verified ST710 SE merges the advantages of an advanced concept low-skid tread pattern with the long-term durability of a premium Sumitomo casing. Its high quality construction yields years of service. It wears long and smooth when new and is designed for multiple retread cycles.

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  • ST719 SE - Regional Steer

    ST719 SE

    The ST719 SE is Sumitomo’s newest deep regional steer tire designed to deliver high mileage in regional applications. With a variety of the latest S-Tech Design features, this tire delivers excellent traction, even wear, better fuel efficiency and ride comfort. With improved high-scrub compounding properties, the ST719 SE provides the performance you require.

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  • ST709 SE - Steer


    The ST709 SE is a regional steer tire that’s durable enough when there’s serious work to be done, but versatile enough to display on-highway manners.

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  • ST909 - Open Shoulder Drive


    The new ST909 is Sumitomo’s most advanced S-Tech Design drive tire for regional applications. With the latest design elements, the ST909 provides superior traction, more miles per 32nd and an extra wide tread face for increased vehicle stability. Exceptional performance and outstanding retreadability are strengths of the line.

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  • ST908 - Open Shoulder Drive


    The ST908 open shoulder drive tire has an excellent reputation among fleets.

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  • ST718 - Rib


    An excellent commercial rib tire for urban and metro fleet operations.

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  • ST918 - Drive


    Engineered for the rough metro environment, ST918 gives the traction needed to get the job done in bad weather. Its computer designed tread pattern and application specific compounds deliver long mileage, great traction, and vehicle stability.

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  • ST727 - All Position Rib


    These lines offer many hard to find sizes and ply ratings. Every tire is engineered to be Sumitomo tough.

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  • ST717 - All Position Rib


    These lines offer many hard to find sizes and ply ratings. Every tire is engineered to be Sumitomo tough.

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  • ST528 - Premium All Purpose


    With its class-leading 26/32” tread depth on the standard sizes and the 10,200lbs. load carrying capacity on size 315/80R22.5, the ST528 is a Premium On and Off-Highway Mixed Service All-Position Tire.

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  • ST518 - All Position


    Durable all-position tires for mixed service use.

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  • ST508 - All Position

    Sumitomo ST508

    Durable all-position tire for mixed service use.

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  • ST520 - Premium Wide Base


    The ST520 is the Premium Wide Base Mixed Service All-Position Line that has 40% more usable tread depth than many of our competitors.

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  • ST720 - Value Wide Base


    Wide base tire with a reputation for high mileage and vehicle stability in mixed service applications.

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  • ST770 - Free Rolling Wide Base


    A wide-base tire specially designed for spread-axle trailer service.

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  • ST900 - Extra Deep Lug


    A rugged drive tire designed for off-highway operations. From the rust inhibitors on its internal steel components to its deep 31/32” tread depth, ST900 is built from the inside-out to be durable and long wearing.

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  • ST901 - Extra Deep Traction


    A tough traction tread for the most rugged logging and off-highway applications.

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