• HTR Z III - Maximum Performance

    • Five rib asymmetric tread pattern merges cornering with straight line stability.
    • Long lateral grooves evacuate water from the center of the footprint.
    • Four straight, wide grooves further heighten drainage for improved wet performance.
    • Siped tie-bars reinforce block rigidity for control and enhance wet traction.
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  • HTR A/S P02 - All-Season, High-Performance Touring

    HTR A/S P02
    • Stylish and progressive design for exceptionally crisp, high-speed handling and responsiveness
    • 68 sizes, from 15 to 20-inch, in H, V, and W speed ratings for superior segment coverage
    • Multi-functional asymmetric design provides maximum wet, dry and winter-weather grip
    • Next-generation silica tread compound for extended mileage and treadwear
    • Outstanding warranty protection package for consumer confidence
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  • HTR A/S P01 - High Performance All Season Radials

    HTR A/S P01
    • Five-rib directional pattern is optimally arranged for quick and direct steering response.
    • Four wide grooves evacuate water from the center footprint to enhance wet performance.
    • Multiple directional grooves and sipes give more edges to optimize grip on wet and snow-covered roads.
    • A zigzag groove wall improves lateral stability and traction in addition to ensuring water drainage.
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  • HTR Z II - Ultra High Performance

    HTR Z II
    • Offers Ultimate Grip and Handling in Wet or Dry Conditions
    • Combines Compounds Composed of Ultra Micro Carbon Technology and Silica Based Rubber Engineering – Improving wet and dry traction
    • Revolutionary, Advanced, Aggressive Directional Tread Pattern
    • Bold, Wide Tread – Aggressive appearance, unyielding grip
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  • HTR Z - Ultra High Performance

    HTR Z
    • HTRZ offers excellent handling at high speeds, and superb wet and dry traction
    • V-Shaped Directional Tread – Quickly disperses water providing superb wet grip and traction
    • Four, Deep, Wide Circumferential Tread Grooves – With two additional inner circumferential grooves provide excellent anti-hydroplaning performance
    • Large Angular Shoulder Blocks – Enhance steering response and overall dry grip
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  • HTR ENHANCE L/X - Premium Touring Performance

    • Precision Engineered to deliver the optimum blend of ride comfort, handling agility and all season performance
    • Designed to take the higher speed ratings of today's high performance luxury sedans and touring vehicles
    • “Confidence Enhanced” industry leading warranty protection plan
    • Progressive and Stylish Design
    • T, H, V and W rated sizing
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  • Touring LS T/H/V - Touring All Season

    Touring LS T
    • Constructed for higher H and V rated speeds
    • More rigid sidewall improves cornering
    • Next Generation advanced carbon tread rubber improves grip
    • Steel belts and polyester body add structural rigidity
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  • Tour Plus LS T/H/V/W - Premium Touring

    Tour Plus LS T/H/V/W
    • 100,000 mile limited treadwear warranty
    • Innovative tread compound provides drivers reliability mile after mile in wet, dry and winter conditions, including light snow.
    • Optimized tread pattern provides year round traction without sacrificing the quiet, comfortable and luxurious ride.
    • The advanced construction in this tire delivers greater stability, handling and even tread wear.
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